Saturday 11th April 2015 - Married for 1229 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Bridal Party

Heather is Steph's chief bridesmaid, they were best friends at university and have known each other since 2008. They frequently sat in the back of lectures writing notes to each other (including a particularly long conversation about Steph's upcoming first date with Mitchell) and were an incredibly bad influence on each other when it came to nights out drinking! Double vodka with a tequila chaser anyone!?

Emma is another of Steph's old friends from her pharmacy course at RGU in Aberdeen. Emma, Heather, Steph and another uni friend Julie take turns visiting each other's respective cities throughout the year for a catch up and have all been good friends for 6 years. We're the Scottish equivalent of the SATC girls ;-)

Sana and Aoife worked with Steph at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the three became fast friends when they bonded over their love of nights out drinking and hatred of night shifts as part of residency. They have all since moved on to separate hospitals but have remained close and have regular dinner dates together (with wine of course!).

Amy is Steph's soon to be sister-in-law and Steph has spent many weekends and several holidays/Christmas's with Amy and the Stirlings so she already feels like family.

Groom's Party

Simon is Mitchell's Best Man. They met at Reading University in 2002 as they were in St. Patrick's Hall rooms H7 and H8. Since then they spent the best part of the rest of the decade in various parts of Reading and have had plenty of nights in the Oakford or going to gigs.

Tristan and Jamie are Steph's older brothers and live up in Scotland. Although we don't spend nearly as much time together as we should it was very important to Steph and Mitchell that they be an integral part of the wedding day.

Craig is Mitchell's cousin who recently married Paula in Trinidad and Tobago. Craig and Mitchell have been to Las Vegas, Stockholm, Prague and South Africa together as well as taking in Test Matches all over England, Gillingham games and even the 2010 World Cup.

Craig M is Mitchell's brother-in-law, married to Amy since September 2012 where they had a fantastic wedding in Santorini which was much warmer than our wedding will be! Craig and Amy's daughter, Brooke, will also be a flower girl.