Saturday 11th April 2015 - Married for 1229 days

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5th April 2015.

Only 6 days to go!!

Steph and I are heading off to Heathrow in a couple of hours. Getting the last few bits and pieces done under the wire. Thank you to everyone who has sent across money for activities and accommodation. We are both sure that you'll enjoy Iceland and it's welcoming people.

We area sure you've been able to find Reykjavik on BBC Weather quite easily but if you are looking for Hotel Ranga or Skogarfoss you are best looking at Hvolsvollur.

Looking promising at the moment, not as cold as it could be and the two ills of wind and rain don't seem to be on the agenda at the moment.

We'll see you all very soon,

Mitchell & Steph

16th Mar 2015

Hi Everyone, really getting close now! Thank you to everyone who came to our Stag do, Hen do and family get together this weekend. We both had a great time at them and Steph isn't drinking again until we go to Iceland!

If anyone hasn't seen it, our Wedding Gift List with John Lewis is now live at Gift List 598824.

14th Jan 2015

Thank you for everyone that has sent across your money for the 50% deposit. The next stage will be to pay the remainder which will be done by Steph's Dad when we are out there in order to get the discount on the rooms we've already accounted for.

In other updates;

I have booked a table for the 23 men at 8pm on Thursday at Austur Indíafjelagið for the most northerly curry house in the world. Any other activities we look at for Thursday will be dependent on arrival times but they will be happy hour centric between 6pm and 8pm for sure!

On the Friday we have made an enquiry about some glacier walking on Sólheimajökul with Extreme Iceland. They can pick us up from Hotel Ranga when we arrive at lunchtime on the Friday.

With the pick-up and return to Ranga and hire of hiking boots it would be c.£61 per person (based on 2 groups of 12 going) and would include 1.5 hours on the ice.

Please let us know if this is something that would interest you!

16th Nov 2014

Invites are out in the post today, expect to see them by mid-week. The invite includes; RSVP card with menu options on back, accommodation payment details for January and main invite with gift list details. All invites include a stamped address envelope for RSVP.

20th Oct 2014:

Under six months to go!!!

Mitchell and Steph are off to Reykjavik and Southern Iceland at the end of this month. Whilst there we will be trying more things to see, do, eat and drink in the capital. We'll also be visiting Hotel Ranga to try some of the meals there so we can agree on the dinner options before the invitations go out in November.

If you have any burning questions for us to ask in Iceland, let us know before next Friday!

3rd Sept 2014:

EasyJet flights from Gatwick to Iceland in April are now on sale. Please see the transport page!

1st Aug 2014:

Mitchell and Steph are off to Iceland in late October / early November to scope out some the accommodation, venues and sights. A bit of a test event for us!

We got our flights from Gatwick with EasyJet for £100 (with no cabin luggage).

7th May 2014:

Hello and welcome to our update page! We'll put something on here at least once a month once we get closer to our big day!

M&S x


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